Saturday, March 21, 2009

It was forty years ago today...

Okay. Dim the lights, light a candle, and pour yourself a cocktail. Make sure your volume is on, sit back, and click on the above.

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  1. I don't remember any pinball parlor, but the Infinite Mind, yes indeed. And Norty's, of course. It was Lose the Blues after the manager took the place over from the Freep; I still have a lot of great books that I liberated from that place. Sorry, but the link doesn't work for your song to play. But you can sing it for all of us on Saturday night!

  2. I would love to leave a comment about the song, but it wouldn't play for me either! Interestingly, though, I seemed to be the 69th person to view this page (insert Twilight Zone theme here); well, and the 70th as well because I thought maybe if I sign in to my account it would let me play it, but NOOOOO!!! :-(

    I see from Braitman's comment that you mentioned a pinball parlor somewhere? I remember the one on Fairfax and Romaine (NE corner) and used to go there all the time. Is that what you mean?

    And Braitman... you say he can sing it for "all of us on Saturday night"... does that mean you're going to be there?!? If yes, OH BOY OH BOY! Haven't seen you in EONS!

    Helaine (Rothman) Depp

    It should open a little red player - it works :) Very well done SW
    Fun fun fun :)


  4. i am an old timer from the days of fairfax avenue and the love-ins...i was working w/green power in focalizing the love-ins at griffith park..i am atill active all those years later....i am the mad yippie pie thrower ...visit me at either or
    i always wondered where have all the flower children gone